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Professor Adam Wittek's research focuses on development of finite element models of human soft organs and numerical methods for computing soft tissues deformations for computer-integrated medicine at Intelligent Systems for Medicine Lab.The Research interests include the following areas: Models and algorithms for computing soft organ deformation for non-rigid registration of radiographic images for image-guided surgery (in non-rigid registration, high-resolution images acquired before surgery are warped to the intra-operative organ position); Models and algorithms for biomechanics of surgical dissection (insertion of surgical tools into soft organs); Models and algorithms for impact injury biomechanics.

Also, Dr Adam Wittek, Professor Karol Miller and Professor K.H.Yang recently received an ARC Discovery grant for the project "Towards Consistent Meshless Computational Framework for Soft Tissue Damage Modelling for Traumatic Injury Prevention and Surgery Simulation".

Professor Adam Wittek

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School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering

The University of Western Australia

35 Stirling Highway

Crawley WA 6009, AUSTRALIA

Phone:+(61) 8 6488 7362

Fax: + (61) 8 6488 1024

Email: [email protected]